Crisis Preparedness


You Don't Know You Need a Plan Until You Need a Plan

You can never be fully prepared for when a crisis happens, but you can prepare for what you can control to communicate with customers, partners, suppliers and media.

Issue vs. Crisis

 There is a difference between an ‘issue’ and a ‘crisis’. Issues pop up frequently. They are circumstances or events which demand immediate attention and are typically remedied without gross impact to your reputation or bottom line.


A crisis can be characterized by:

  • Any situation that threatens the integrity or reputation of your business, and is usually brought on by adverse or negative media attention.
  • Any kind of dispute, harm or disaster which can be perceived as being attributed to your business.
  • A situation where, in the eyes of the media or public, you or your business did not react to a situation in an appropriate manner.

The Goal of a Crisis Preparedness Plan

  •  Respond completely 
  • Respond in a timely manner 
  • Respond with truth and integrity. 
  • Minimize the situation. Handle the situation correctly so that any potential damage can be minimized.

How I Can Help

Together - we can develop a step-by-step plan so that you can:

  • Create the tools to identify possible threats to your business & reputation
  • Create a playbook to easily access information and develop decisive actions in the time of crisis
  • Assign roles and responsiblities to team members
  • Create talking points and develop strategies for responding to media inquiries

Are you Ready?

Contact me for an initial review of your preparedness plan, and we can discuss how we can  how to add to it, or create a new one.